Tree Condition Surveys

Tree Condition Surveys and Detailed Tree Inspections are aimed at risk assessment and mitigation. This type of tree survey is usually done to meet the landowner’s legal obligations which are laid out in the Occupiers Liability Act (1984) and the Health & Safety at Work Act (1974).

We provide a range of inspection surveys to suit any need from individual trees to large multiple treed estates, businesses and religious or educational institutions.

For individual trees, a comprehensive report will be written and will include comments on disease/fungal activity, growth defects and overall general vitality and condition of the tree. By doing this, potential hazards can be removed or reduced to an acceptable level, ensuring the safe retention of valuable trees long into the future.

For estates or businesses with large tree numbers, we offer tailored surveys to suit your needs whether these are budgetary or timeframe orientated.


Walkover/ Hazard survey

Cost effective surveys help quickly identify any tree issues or actionable hazards. These reports identify trees that are of priority and will contain enough information to instruct a tree contractor to carry out the necessary work needed.  These surveys are ideal for budgetary restrictions or post extreme weather events, where identification of risk needs to be prioritised.

Full condition survey –

A full survey will map and comment on all trees, helping to develop a bespoke tree management scheme over time. These reports will include general recommendations on tree management relative timescales for works and re-surveying to be carried out. Recommendations for other surveys to be carried out maybe needed, such as internal decay detecting and aerial inspection. These surveys are generally broken down into areas such as higher risk areas and low risk areas to help with budgetary constraints and may be spread out over a number of years depending on tree numbers and level of risk.

Ideal for those estates, businesses and schools that require a history of tree condition and management over time to fulfil their legal ‘Duty of Care’.